New year, new whip. That’s the motto is living by, at least. The majority us would not be able to cash out on a brand new car on New Year’s Day. For the most part, we’re still recovering from all the extra spending we did for the holidays. As we wait patiently for that next paycheck, Quavious Marshall is out here flexing his earnings, spending cash by the bucket and showing f the flashy paint job on his brand new vehicle. Prepare to get a little jealous.

Quavo's Car Glows In The Dark: See Migos-Inspired Whip
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

Atlanta trio has popularised a number sayings, enjoying viral success because their unique ad-libs and skills for creating new slang. From “MAMA!” to “Dat way,” the Migos always came prepared with a new term to expand our vocabularies. Commemorating some the phrases the group has coined, Quavo decided to get his whip painted with some glow-in-the-dark features, reminding everyone how influential he and his band-mates are even when it’s pitch black outside. 

Uploading a video the whip on social media, Quavo focused on the words being displayed. We’ve got “Ice Trae” written on the door (shoutout to the Atlanta Hawks), “Culture” and “Pure Water” on the back window, and the lyric “Big drip” on the other side. This vehicle is perfect for when you want to ride down the freeway blasting the Migos’ collaboration with Mustard. Just one look at it and you’ll get the track stuck in your head.

What do you think Quavo’s flashy new car?