is doing everything in his powerl. In wake the Coronavirus pandemic, he’s continued to . Unfortunately for him, prosecutors aren’t budging on their stance and they’re actually sick and tired his complaints, according to new docs.

R. Kelly Prosecutors Are Tired Of His Complaints Over Prison Conditions
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The Blast reports the prosecutors in R. Kelly’s case are asking the judge to deny his most recent plea to be released on bond. As the singer remains incarcerated inside Chicago’s MCC, he’s tried to pick at every possible flaw imaginable to get out prison. “If released, there is a risk that the defendant will flee and that the defendant will obstruct, attempt to obstruct, threaten, intimidate or attempt to threaten or intimidate one or more prospective witnesses,” the prosecutors wrote in documents.

Even though he’s made a case that he’s susceptible to catching COVID-19 inside the prison, prosecutors added that his recent surgery went on without a hitch. “R. Kelly] had his post-surgery follow-up appointment and has been discharged from the doctor’s care.” They added that he has access to cleaning products and that he “may purchase additional soap from the commissary if he so chooses.”

Looks like the prosecutors aren’t budging on Kelly’s plea for his release.