Social-distancing can be difficult, but DJ D-Nice hopes to make it all a little bit easier with his Homeschoolin’: Social Distancing Dance Party on Instagram live. Checking in, you’ll notice a shocking number familiar faces viewing, as noted by Complex.

, Bernie Sanders, Dwyane Wade, Janet Jackson, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris and more have all tuned into DJ D-Nice’s Instagram live where he plays tons classic hip-hop and R&B records.

 “Music is a vibration. It is a universal language. It is who I am. It is what I do as a DJ,” D-Nice told AllHipHop earlier this week. “It is a part my life’s purpose to help people relax and enjoy themselves. What was just a whim has become a movement in less than 4 Days. I am honored by love and support.”

“Somebody needs to nominate @DJ_DNICE for a Nobel Peace Prize when this pandemic ends. He is doing the Lord’s work on Instagram Live right now,” writes Jamele Hill on Twitter. “If you want some good vibes, head over to DNice’s quarantine party #ClubQuarantine on IG live right now. Yesterday I stayed all 6 hours. Worth it. Whole family was jamming,” says Gabrielle Union.

The Bronx DJ is bringing us all together in these trying times.