2019 has come to a close, and Robyn Fenty is in hot water with half the Internet. As most us know, the multihyphenate has taken an extensive hiatus from music since dropping 2016’s ANTI,  Though she has been working on a new album, she has asked that we all leave her alone about the release date, even .

At one point, Rih revealed that the album would be released sometime during 2019, and with the end the year fast approaching, many fans presumed that it would drop right before the clock struck twelve on New Year’s . It has become clear, however, that this was not the case, as no new album has been placed in our possession. While many would insist that it’s not that deep and that Rih doesn’t owe us anything, others feel betrayed by their fave, and made sure to let her and everyone else know how they really feel about it.

Some took to calling Rihanna a clown for her tricks and themselves clowns for believing her.

Others called her out for lying to their faces.

A few joked that Rih is absolutely enjoying watching us squirm, which may be true considering 

Some even sent the Bad Gal some comical threats, though they are (hopefully) all in good fun.

Overall, though, people are just upset and disappointed.

Fingers crossed for R9 in 2020!