For the first time in four long years, is ficially back in the music world. It’s been a long time coming and, although we all thought that this moment would come through the arrival R9, it ended up being on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s . 

Yesterday, a rumor began flying around that the Bajan Beauty would be linking up with PARTYNEXTDOOR for their , and the speculation turned out to be true. Rihanna’s vocals bless us on “,” the next single from PND’s brand new album. Although she only ends up saying a total about five words, the Rihanna Navy couldn’t be more excited to welcome her back into the fray. Some people don’t think this is a permanent return though.

Rihanna going back to Fenty after singing 5 words,” wrote one fan on Twitter, sharing a video LeBron James walking out a press session. 

Others were more optimistic: “SHE’S ONLY SINGING 5 WORDS BUT ITS A START PEOPLE.”

While her return is underwhelming to some, it lays out a world possibilities for others. Which side the spectrum are you staying on? Do you think Rihanna will be back full-time now, focusing on the eventual release her ninth studio album, or are we just getting our hopes up?