It turns out that ‘s vocals on “Believe It” f PARTYNEXTDOOR’s freshly dropped album, was a last minute addition, as the part was originally occupied by PND’s girlfriend. PND had been  before finally releasing it to the quarantined masses on Friday. While the project, which marks his first body work since his 2017 EP, Seven Days, and his first studio album since in 2016, was an exciting treat on its own, one feature in particular served as an unexpected surprise. Just before PARTYMOBILE was placed in our hands, , and wouldn’t you know, the practically retired singer did indeed have a minor part on the tenth track, 

that, after waiting so long (since Rih’s rap verse on ‘s “Lemon” back in 2017, to be exact) for a crumb musical content from the Bad Gal, she only sang a total five words. However, the Navy is honestly lucky they got to hear anything from Rih at all, since she almost wasn’t included on the song. Originally, the placeholder vocals for Rihanna’s eventual part were actually recorded by PND’s unnamed girlfriend.

Rihanna's Part On "Believe It" Originally Belonged To PARTYNEXTDOOR's GirlfriendAaron J. Thornton/Getty s for BET

Not only that, but PND’s team didn’t even receive Rihanna’s vocals until Monday this week, giving them roughly three days to finalize the track with Rih on it. As a result  this last-minute scrambling, two the track’s producers, NinetyFour and Bizzness Boi, decided not to ask PND to send them a preview “Believe It” in its final form before it was released on streaming services. “You’re a young kid waiting for that present, you wake up, and it’s just there,” NinetyFour said the reasoning behind their decision. Well, regardless how small her part is or how last minute the decision was, we’re glad to have even a sliver new Rihanna music.