Russ Delivers Gets Introspective on New Album ‘SANTIAGO’

Russ Delivers Gets Introspective on New Album ‘SANTIAGO’


With an astounding career stream count surpassing 21 billion, RUSS unveils his deeply intimate and introspective masterpiece, SANTIAGO. The album, released today, elegantly melds his distinctive hip-hop and R&B stylings, inviting listeners on a transformative expedition of self-love and self-discovery. Navigating the challenges of the music industry, Russ preserves his authenticity as an independent artist, employing his unique vision to shape the project’s musical and visual components.

Russ, a driving force behind the album’s strategy and creative direction, financed every facet of the project and its rollout. His unflinching vulnerability allows fans to fully immerse in his artistic universe, a creation he ardently cultivated. This remarkable release marks the inaugural collaboration between Russ and Larry Jackson, alongside the partnership with gamma, heralding a compelling new chapter in the artist’s illustrious career. SANTIAGO is a testament to Russ’ unwavering dedication to his craft and his resolute commitment to staying true to his artistic essence.

SANTIAGO is an album that is loosely inspired by the book ‘“’The Alchemist’”’ by Paulo Coelho,” says Russ. “It’s my journey to self love and self mastery while touching on the obstacles that have provided resistance along the way… Feelings of emptiness, inadequacy, imposter syndrome, anger, issues from my childhood and how they’ve shown up in my adult life, etc. It’s the most vulnerable music I’ve ever made and I had to do a lot of excavations to make it. It was a confronting experience and I hope it resonates with people who are trying to navigate the obstacles on their own journey.”