Russ Returns with Self-Produced Track “Drives”

Russ Returns with Self-Produced Track “Drives”

Russ makes a resounding entrance into 2024 by releasing his latest track, “Drives.” Produced by Russ himself, the song showcases his vocal versatility and adeptness at traversing various musical genres. This single marks Russ’ inaugural release of the year, following the success of his introspective and chart-topping album, “SANTIAGO,” which dropped last summer. “Drives” is poised further to solidify Russ’ standing in the music scene and captivate audiences with his distinctive style and musical prowess.

“Drives is a song that started off as a poem in an attempt to empathize with my girl after a fight we had. I knew I wanted it to be acoustic,” says Russ. “I had just come off of doing shows with Ed Sheeran so I was in that kind of bag and headspace musically.”

You can hear the single below.