Sam Hunt Doesn’t Feel Like He’s ‘Sinning With You’ in New Single

Sam Hunt Doesn’t Feel Like He’s ‘Sinning With You’ in New Single

Sam Hunt is on a mission of forgiveness in 2020, and his new single "Sinning With You," released Friday (Jan. 3), plucks out an emotional reflection heard in the delicate guitar strings.

As Billboard previously reported, the modern country music giant was arrested Nov. 21 for drunk driving and was charged with a DUI and misdemeanor for having an open container. The sobering song confesses how his desire to repair his relationship with God feels in tandem with finding a faultless lover.

He compares their innocence in the first verse — "My past was checkered/ Your spotless record" — as well as "His grace and your grace/ Felt like the same thing to me." Hunt wraps the idea of seeking forgiveness after feeling guilty for his past mistakes in a morally complicated romantic fantasy of being with someone that should be wrong but feels so right.

The introspective ballad is Hunt's first new release since his arrest. He first debuted the track back in September during his Bud Light House Party Tour stop in Calgary, Canada.

Listen to "Sinning With You" below.