With quarantine in full swing, late night TV hosts are looking for alternative methods to shoot and bring audiences their nightly programming. Most, like Jimmy Kimmel, are figuring out an at-home set-up– and luckily, they have the digs for it. Kimmel has been inviting guests on his show by way Skype, and last night, he had none other than the OG .

Samuel L. Jackson Is Also Watching "Tiger King" Right Now

Paras Griffin/Getty s 

In the eight minute clip you can catch below, Kimmel finds out how Jackson has been holding up in isolation and how he’s been occupying his time. As it turns out, he’s doing exactly what we’re all doing: watching TV. Jackson revealed that he’s been catching up on who shot Ghost (), and he’s been watching  Jackson also talks about his de-railed annual trip to Italy, unfortunately for Kimmel, who was hoping to tag along this year.

The two end their chat together with Samuel re-visiting a poem he helped go viral ten years ago. The famed actor read a new version the poem, to reflect our social distancing times, aptly titled Stay the F*ck Home. He reads: “The Rona is spreading, this shit is no joke. It’s no time to work or roam. The way you can fight is simple, just stay the f*ck home.” 

The poem concludes: “Sure, you can still see your friends, use the m*therf*cking app on your phone. But unless you’ve just ran out groceries, please, stay the f*ck at home! Thank you for doing the part to flatten your curve, cause that sh*t is steep. And now that you’re at home, please feel free, to go the f*ck to sleep!”