With the coronavirus pandemic rendering many traditions obsolete, it has in turn produced a notable influx in online battles, particularly between producers. We’ve already seen face f against his longtime rival , and  in a badass and banger-fueled duel. Now, the paperwork has been signed and the new matchup has been decided. Look for Scott Storch to go up against tonight at 8PM EST in a match that many are already predicting to be a full-blown slaughter.

And yet, T-Pain has proven above all else that he is both a competitor and an incredible sportsman. Taking to Instagram to hype the musical match-up, T-Pizzle had a laugh at his own expense in the process. “This boy @scottstorchficial bout to curb stomp me,” he captions. “Win or lose I’m honored to be apart the biggest thing happening right now. Tune in and celebrate music history wit us! Shit gon be fun regardless. Thank you @timbaland and @therealswizzz.” 

Though Storch has kept the trash-talk to a minimum, he did share a clip T-Pain addressing the challenge on his Instagram. “You know folks, sometimes a challenge comes into your house and you gotta accept,” explains Pain. “Swizz hit me, Timbo hit me, and this is happening. T-Pain vs Scott Storch. There’s going to be a lot hits. Scott, you don’t want the smoke. It’s happening buddy!” Check out the announcement poster below, and hit the comment section with your predictions.