One half the Clermont twins was sentenced to prison in June after she swiped the credit card a dead man that she went on a prostitution date with and spent upwards $20,000 on luxury goods, rent and more. Before 24-year-old Shannade was locked up,  in her case but it didn’t work since she’s still serving time behind bars. 

Just a few months ago, , calling her prison sentence a detox. “This journey hasn’t been easy but I’m thankful to know that I’m going on my 6th month and soon it will just be another chapter to my story. God has a funny way testing our faith but I’m doing his time,” she wrote. Shannade has come through with another update since her twin, Shannon, posted an image her sis in her prison attire with a caption that reads: “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU ?MY BARBIE PRINCESS?.”

Shannade looks to be taking care herself in there, with her lashes, hair and eyebrows still in perfect order. Shannade began her sentence in June for one year.