Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been one the most scrutinized teams in the entire NFL this season. Despite finishing with a record 12-4, the Patriots were average in their last eight games while Brady was pedestrian, at best. Heading into the playfs, the Patriots are facing a plethora doubters who think they could very well lose to the Tennessee Titans. It remains to be seen whether or not they can go far although history tells us the Patriots should be just fine.

Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe believes the Patriots are in a lot trouble. As he explained on Undisputed, Brady has subpar stats when compared to the other quarterbacks in the playfs. With that being said, the former Bronco thinks the Patriots will have a tough path to the Super Bowl.

“He has been inconsistent, erratic and he’s not the reason they made the playfs,” Sharpe said. “The only playf QB with a worse QBR than Tom Brady is Josh Allen.”

The Patriots have been down this path before and every single time, they find themselves back in the Super Bowl. If you’re a Patriots hater, the last 20 years have not been kind to you. For those who think the Patriots are toast, exercise caution this weekend because you never know what they’re capable .