PETA has been on the prowl ever since Tiger King came out on Netflix. Joe Exotic connection to major celebrities earned backlash for the rich and famous who paid a visit to the incarcerated zoo keeper’s land. Shaq was recently among those who had to deal with PETA’s wrath and recently tried to d from Joe Exotic but now, the animal rights company is putting pressure on the 4x NBA Champ for his association with another zoo owner.

PETA is demanding Shaq distances himself from Jeff Lowe, owner  Greater Wynnewood Animal Park in Oklahoma, on claims that he’s equally as bad as Joe Exotic. Lowe hit Facebook a to share a photo himself Facetiming Shaquille O’Neal and calling him, “One the nicest guys in the World.” 

“Shaq facetime’d a few minutes ago to see how we were doing and if we need anything. We love you too buddy,” Lowe wrote on the Facebook post.

“We saw your statement about not being as involved with Joe Exotic as the Tiger King documentary made it seem. It appears that the equally problematic wild-animal exhibitor, Jeff Lowe, is now claiming to have your support,” the letter from PETA reads. “Lowe is no different from Joe Exotic when it comes to harming animals.

Check out the entire letter to Shaq right here.