Tom Brady will become a free agent for the first time in his career next month. The six-time Super Bowl-champion has been with the New England Patriots for 20 seasons now and it would be hard to imagine him wearing any other jersey than New England’s. Regardless,  

Numerous pundits have been contemplating the ramifications such a move. Skip Bayless FS1’s Undisputed is one them and on today’s show, he went f on the possibility Brady hitting the open market. Bayless even compared the situation to that ‘s when he became a free agent after winning a championship with the Chicago Bulls back in 1998.

“If in fact Tom Brady hits the open market on March 18th at 4pm ET, it is going to be chaos, hysteria, the sky falling all around the league,” Bayless explained. “It’s like Michael Jordan becoming a free agent after winning the championship in 1998.”

It remains to be seen what Brady will decide although some analysts think the Tennessee Titans and Las Vegas Raiders are the two likeliest options. It would certainly be bizarre to see him in either those jerseys but admittedly, the morbid curiosity is definitely at an all-time high.