Skip Bayless is one sports talk TV’s most prominent personalities, even if fans get pretty frustrated with him sometimes. Bayless has some pretty wild takes sometimes and they tend to rub people the wrong way. Other times, Bayless can be pretty funny and his reactions have become legendary memes. 

The Undisputed host is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and over the past week, he has been anticipating the dismissal head coach Jason Garrett. Late last night, it was reported that Garrett was on his way out which was great news for Cowboys fans everywhere. During Undisputed today, Bayless contemplated the idea Bill Belichick coaching the team. As Bayless explains, the Patriots dynasty might be over as soon as this weekend and Belichick may want to explore options elsewhere.

“If the dynasty falls on its face, if that’s the end Brady and Belichick, is there some chance that Belichick might become available?” Bayless asked. “It’s possible. I think Bill Belichick would be at least slightly intrigued with America’s team.”

Bayless’ fantasy should be regarded as just that, a fantasy. There are very few scenarios in which Bayless’ dream can actually become a reality. Regardless, it’s definitely fun to think about that possibility, as outlandish as it may seem.