Snoh Aalegra Delivers New Single “Sweet Tea”

Snoh Aalegra Delivers New Single “Sweet Tea”


Snoh Aalegra has released her second single in two weeks, dropping off “Sweet Tea” for fans. Speaking with Eddie Francis at Apple Music 1, Aalegra reveals the song was a collaboration with No I.D. and Greg Phillinganes.

“I wrote it prior to kind of finishing up the production and once it was completed, it just really felt really spiritual in a way,” Snoh says. It also has one of my favorite bridges I’ve ever written, and that bridge really takes me to another place in the song. I work a lot with No I.D. At the time, he was working a lot with Greg Phillinganes and he kept telling me that we should all work and we finally made it happen and I feel like they really brought the song to life. They took it to somewhere else from when I had written it and it was just really special to finish it up with them. And it was just a very special experience being in the studio with both of them… and yeah, he’s such an incredible musician and No I.D. really knew where I wanted to take this song.

“So I thought it was so perfect that we made it with Greg. I feel so much when I hear certain chords and that’s just really what this is, all these magical chords that Greg knows how to play.…so we all did it together and it always depends on how a song is made. This one in particular, I had written it prior and then we try to finish it with the music and everything. Sometimes when I work with No I.D. it’s like I’m writing to his music, to his beats, so it all comes together differently. But this one was like that, where we were just all in the room and figured it out together and just felt it all together. So it’s really special.”


You can hear the new euphoric single below.