, but today, he didn’t need to resort to using any brutal memes or do any good old-fashioned trolling. In this case, Snoop From The Past did all the roasting for him. In a throwback video from “Comedy Central’s Roast Donald Trump” in 2011, years before , Snoop took the podium to contribute to the mockery. 

In the brief clip, Snoop drags Trump for the way he got his money and his presumably tiny junk: “Now from me to you, Donald, I wish I had half your money. But for that, you need a 20-year-old’s p*ssy and a divorce lawyer. Now I may not have half his paper, but I got twice the d*ck, and you can believe that.” The audience reacted well to these lighter and less severe jokes, and Trump kept a closed-mouth grin on his face the entire time. Snoop’s next bit, however, is not only more ruthless and twisted than the first half, but also eerie to watch in the present day. Snoop points out that Trump, at the time, was already considering running for fice. and move on into the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you pushed a black family out their home.” The audience responds with shock, including Ivanka Trump, who can be seen in the crowd covering her face with disbelief. However, the wilder aspect for a viewer in 2020 is how nobody in that room had any idea that he would actually (unfortunately) succeed in this endeavour. Snoop captioned the post with nothing but a “?” emoji, signifying his status. The roast is certainly GOAT-worthy, but it’s still crazy to think what the future had in store for everyone back then.