Though Sony has yet to unveil an ficial release date for the upcoming Playstation 5 console, opting to keep the “holiday 2020” window open barring any coronavirus-related delays, fan excitement remains at an all-time high. All the more so following a , which include a solid-state drive and a 10.28 TFLOP GPU. Not to mention the inevitable sequels to games like God Of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, as well as the ever-lingering hope for a second visit to the world Bloodborne’s Yharnam. 

Sony Aims For PS5 To Be "As Easy As Netflix"

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Today, a new report has shed a wider light on Sony’s intentions for their upcoming console, which centers around general quality life changes to the gaming experience. Citing testimony from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Sony aims to make playing the PS5 as “easy as Netflix,” alluding to the possibility instantly loading up a game and foreseeing exactly how long a given session might take. The main goal thereby being to open the door for smaller gaming windows, rather than the typical multi-hour burst that so ten feels like a requirement. 

Given that load-times are said to be borderline non-existent in this console generation, it’s easy to picture a world where PS5 gamers can load up multiple games in the blink an eye, should the Netflix comparison prove apt. As we have yet to see anything ficial surrounding the dashboard menu, there’s really no telling how far Sony intends to go with their next operating system. One thing is for certain — it seems they’re going for broke with this one, and we can’t wait to see the PS5 in action.