Steadying The Lens: Bo-Yu Chen’s Entrepreneurial Venture into Steadicam Operating

Bo-Yu Chen’s tryst with cinematography took a dynamic turn when he ventured into the realm of Steadicam operating. This transition wasn’t merely a change of equipment but represented a deeper entrepreneurial dive into solving cinematic challenges. Bo-Yu’s narrative reflects how innovation and a knack for learning can carve a unique niche, even in a field as vast and competitive as filmmaking.

The Steadicam Beckons: The Start of an Entrepreneurial Venture

The essence of Bo-Yu’s Steadicam operating venture commenced with his unyielding desire to master camera movements, especially within the constraints of low budget projects. This drive led him to the Steadicam, which he viewed as a tool to move the camera at will.


“I found the Steadicam via online research, bought the cheapest rig I could find, and reached out to my now mentor and friend Greg Smith @steadicamlessons…”

Refining the Craft: From Novice to Professional

Under the mentorship of Greg Smith, a seasoned Steadicam operator known for his work on high-profile projects like John Wick and Westworld, Bo-Yu honed his skills. His rigorous training and practice, first with a basic rig and later with a professional system from Tiffen Steadicam, gradually solidified his standing in the industry.

Tackling Industry Hurdles: A Steadicam Operators Resolve

Bo-Yu’s journey wasn’t without challenges. The initial phase of securing jobs, particularly well-paying ones, tested his resolve. Yet, his distinct niche of Steadicam operating eventually set him apart, showcasing the power of specialization in a competitive market.

“Getting jobs is difficult… Steadicam is a much desired niche, so I thought I would have a smooth start after I honed my skills.”

Portfolio of Success: Stepping Stones to Recognition

Bo-Yu’s expertise as a Steadicam operator started gaining recognition, with credits in numerous films that graced prestigious festivals. His venture showcased how a specialized skill set could pave the way for significant industry acknowledgment and career advancement.

Collaborations with Renowned Artists: Teezo Touchdown’s Music Videos

One of the standout moments in Bo-Yu’s career was his collaboration with the rapidly ascending artist, Teezo Touchdown. Bo-Yu served as the Steadicam operator for two of Teezo’s music videos, which premiered shortly before Teezo’s much-anticipated debut album. The role of a Steadicam operator is pivotal in the world of music videos, working hand-in-hand with the Director of Photography to bring their vision to life. Their synchronized efforts ensure smooth camera movements, capturing the essence and emotion of the song, and enhancing the overall visual storytelling.

Given the buzz surrounding Teezo, especially after endorsements and signing from industry giants like Drake, being part of such projects was not just another assignment for Bo-Yu. It was an opportunity to showcase his expertise on a larger stage, emphasizing the intricate dance between the Steadicam operator and the Director of Photography. This collaboration further underscored Bo-Yu’s proficiency, adaptability, and his ability to seamlessly integrate into high-profile projects, working alongside top talents on the verge of global recognition.

Envisioning the Future: The Continuous Venture

Bo-Yu’s ambition doesn’t stop at mastery. His future plans emphasize on being part of bigger projects and exploring additional business avenues, reflecting the spirit of continuous entrepreneurial venture.

A Steady Vision: The Essence of Bo-Yus Venture

Bo-Yu Chen’s venture into Steadicam operating is more than a career choice; it’s an entrepreneurial journey marked by innovation, resilience, and a relentless quest for cinematic excellence. His story exemplifies how a singular focus, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, can redefine career paths and contribute uniquely to the filmmaking industry.

Bo-Yu’s Steadicam operating venture is a lens through which we observe the essence of entrepreneurship—identifying challenges, mastering a solution, and continuously striving for higher echelons of success. His journey illuminates the path for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals, underscoring that with passion, proficiency, and a bit of perseverance, the cinematic world is laden with opportunities waiting to be discovered.

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