and Ayesha Curry have been a basketball power couple for a while now and continue to post their lives on social media. Ayesha has been having to deal with an extra helping Steph now that he is under quarantine due to the Coronavirus crisis. Basketball players all around the world are out work right now which means they . Curry is one those players and with his family stuck at home, he is trying to do his best to keep them entertained.

His latest escapades were captured by Ayesha on her Instagram story. As you can see in the video below, Curry begins to drink wine through a face covering. Ayesha didn’t seem amused by it at first but she couldn’t help laugh once it was all said and done. At this point, it’s safe to assume these antics will persist well into the quarantine which could last well into June.

If only there was a reality show documenting the lives all the athletes who are stuck at home.  and considering we’re all starved for content, the show would provide some much-needed laughter.

As for Ayesha Curry, we’re sure she will be documenting more Steph’s jokes moving forward.