in all sports media despite everything that has been going on lately. Smith is still on First Take every single day and he is always providing . In a time crisis, Smith continues to be a voice that we can all rely on for at least some form happiness. 

Last night, Smith decided to hop on Twitter where he did a live Q&A with his fans. At one point, Smith was asked about the burner account that continues to gain traction online. The burner posts various Stephen A. memes under pretty well every tweet related to sports. These clips are hilarious and the burner has become a powerhouse. In the clips below, Smith seems dismissive the burner at first but when he realized what it does, he changed his mind and gave his stamp approval.

The burner account seemed pretty excited to get the Stephen A. co-sign although a follow has yet to take place. Smith’s burner account has over 300K followers and it will probably be closer to 500K by the time this quarantine ends.

Perhaps the two could collaborate someday.