“Social Distancing” has become the new thing everyone is talking about and rightfully so. We are currently going through a horrible pandemic and we are all being told to isolate ourselves as a means to slow down the spread the Coronavirus. When we do have to leave the house, we must remain at least two meters apart from everyone as a means to make sure we don’t come in contact with germs and potentially, the virus.

 the other day about staying home and helping to flatten the curve. Now, Smith is giving a PSA all on his own where he angrily ripped those who are still leaving their houses despite being told to do otherwise. You can tell Smith is passionate about this and doesn’t seem impressed that after all this time, he still has to give such lty warnings.

Cases in the United States continue to rise and by the middle April, we could see close to one million people in the country infected. With this in mind, it is important that everyone act now so we can get back to normal life, sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, Smith’s words don’t fall on deaf ears.