until the league decided to cease operations due to the Coronavirus. They were 49-14 and had the best record in the Western Conference. The Lakers were one the favorites to win the entire championship but now, all those plans seem to be in shambles. If the NBA doesn’t come back, the Lakers’ incredible season will be all for nothing and LeBron will lose a precious chance at winning his fourth NBA title.

Stephen A. Smith was on First Take this morning where he talked about LeBron and what his chances are winning a title beyond this season. As Smith explained, this season is the Lakers’ best chance. However, if they don’t pull it f in 2020, it’s likely that LeBron will never win a championship in Los Angeles.

This is certainly a hot take when you consider how the Lakers are probably going to get Anthony Davis back and will have an opportunity to acquire a third star trade. While LeBron will be 36, he certainly hasn’t lost his touch and can continue to play at an elite level. Despite this, Smith feels like the Clippers will be too strong all while the East will consolidate into a stronger conference.

It remains to be seen what happens but hopefully, we can get the season back in full swing.