Stephen A. Smith has been known for his strong takes on everything that has to do with sports. On Monday, Smith made the bold prediction that the Clemson Tigers would defeat the LSU Tigers in the National Championship game. In the end, Smith was sorely mistaken as the . Quarterback Joe Burrow had a phenomenal game with five passing touchdowns and a running touchdown.

On First Take this morning, Smith had to face the wrath Marcus Spears and Ryan Clark who are mainstays on First Take. Of course, both those men are LSU fans and they made sure to give Smith a piece their minds . In fact, Smith was left speechless in what could very well be a first for the First Take host.

Smith has been wrong about his predictions before but this time was truly special. Clark and Spears were waiting to give Smith a taste his own medicine and it made for some entertaining television. If you’re a Cowboys fan, this must have been a truly satisfying sight to see. 

The First Take host will probably think twice before betting against LSU again.