Steve Harvey reprised his role as the host Fox’s New Year’s special this year, and was joined by . Rob has been working as an NFL analyst for Fox during the first season   and he and Steve seemed to be getting along pretty well as co-hosts during the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage. Things quickly took a turn for the worst for Steve when Rob decided to show f his athleticism. Twitter user Matthew McGovern, who identifies in his bio as a stan account for the Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, posted a video the ordeal with the caption, “Gronk is Steve Harvey’s second least favorite person after P. ,” referring to Lori’s  In the video, Rob can be seen rocking an old-school football uniform, complete with a number 87 jersey. It looks like his longing for his football days overcame him, as he demonstrates what he calls, “a LEGO Harvey Gronk spike,” referring to his popular nickname.

He picked up the LEGO bust Steve Harvey that was on display, and proceeded to smash the structure on the floor, imitating the act spiking a football after a touchdown during a game. Steve remains stunned for a minute, too shocked to react to what he’s witnessed. Rob is unfazed by Steve’s dismay, kicking the LEGO pieces around and waving his hands up and down. Steve proceeds to blast him for his careless actions, yelling, “Are you serious? I don’t want to work with him no more. Why is he here? Why are you here? What is wrong with you? You’re mentally embarrassed. This nut right here done broken– you know how hard it is to get them brown LEGOs? Just stupid.”

Though Steve was likely not as upset as he would would have us believe from his onscreen reaction, some took to the replies the tweet to express their outrage over Rob’s bold move, calling it “cringey” and “annoying,” and feeling sorry for whoever spent time building the LEGO bust to look like Steve. Others said it was “the funniest sh*t” and that “Steve Harvey kinda deserved it.” What do you think?