Back in February, which seems like forever ago now, . Florida has been very lackadaisical in their response to the Coronavirus and now, it appears as though they are making some admissions about how the whole thing has been handled. Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about C. 

There are 62,000 seats in the Hard Rock Stadium which means numerous people could have been infected. At the time, the state wasn’t testing people which ultimately could have led to some people going under the radar, especially if they were asymptomatic.

Super Bowl Possibly Led To Spread Of Coronavirus Says Governor

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This is proving to be a problem now as the United States has over 200,000 confirmed cases the disease. Florida has 6,000 and they are expected to get a whole lot more after the March Break fiasco that recently went down. With this in mind, it’s clear that the Super Bowl has proven to be cause for concern for the state although there isn’t very much they can do about it now.

The next few weeks will prove to be crucial as states across America, as well as countries around the world, fight to stop the spread COVID-19. For now, these are uncertain times but hopefully, we can all stand united and prevail.