Tavi Oshon Releases Marble Floors Featuring Benny the Butcher

Tavi Oshon Releases Marble Floors Featuring Benny the Butcher

TAVI OSHON looks forward to the upcoming release of his album PRIMA MATERIA. But in the meantime, he has been enjoying the fruits of his collaboration with Benny the Butcher on “Marble Floors.” This project exemplifies his trajectory of creativity and impact in hip-hop history. TAVI longs to create music that connects with people through honest, deep lyrics.

TAVI is a multi-talented artist with a rich musical background. His journey from being a self-taught MC to a versatile musician, producer, and songwriter showcases his dedication and passion for music. The fusion of various genres in his work, combined with heartfelt lyrics and intricate arrangements, contributes to the uniqueness of his sound.

He truly connects with his audience. His humility and dedication, despite success, add a genuine and relatable dimension to his persona and create a loyal fan base. In the horizon, TAVI has a movie role and other musical collaborations with some of hip-hop’s most notable artists, showing his support in the industry.