Tay Spades Caps Off 2023 with Album ‘The Face of Queens’ and “Schemin” Video Drop

Tay Spades Caps Off 2023 with Album ‘The Face of Queens’ and “Schemin” Video Drop

As 2023 draws to a close, Queens native Tay Spades aims to leave an indelible mark on the year with the release of his debut album, The Face of Queens. Boasting ten tracks, the album collaborates with notable artists such as Sha Ek and Lady London, promising a diverse and compelling musical journey.

“The title is exactly what the album is… I’m here to claim I’m “The Face of Queens.” Its been a journey to say the least .. the highs and lows.. but its my story and I touch on it through-out the album. That’s also reflected in the artwork .. I’m smiling but my eyes are blacked out .. that’s the duality of Queens and what I represent!”


Immediately following the album’s launch, Tay Spades dropped the official video for the Sha Ek-assisted single, “Schemin.” Directed by BTK, the visual premiered exclusively on WorldStarHipHop, adding a visual dimension to the sonic experience.

Tay Spades injects his unique brand of hard-hitting Hip-Hop into the scene, characterized by infectious and tone-shifting flows that leave a lasting impact. Evident throughout the album and in “Schemin,” his lyrical prowess is evident in quotables that linger, demanding repeated recitation. Spades exudes an omnipresent energy that positions him as a rising star with the potential to dominate the Hip-Hop landscape for years to come.


With this much-anticipated debut, Tay Spades solidifies his position as the definitive face of Queens, capping off a successful year marked by impactful single releases and showcasing his versatility and artistry within the rap scene.