‘s plea to the court to serve the remainder his prison sentence under house arrest to reduce his chances contracting coronavirus has been denied by the judge, but there may be another way that the rapper can be released early. On Monday, , as the number confirmed cases COVID-19 continues to rise  According to his lawyer, Lance Lazarro, the rapper possesses a higher risk contracting the virus, as he has multiple pre-existing conditions that render him more vulnerable to becoming infected. Last Halloween, 6ix9ine was diagnosed with bronchitis and sinusitis, which ultimately led him to be hospitalized.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Request For Early Release Amid Coronavirus DeniedBob Levey/Getty s

Because his client’s medical conditions, Lazarro implored Judge Paul Engelmeyer that 6ix9ine, , be granted early release from prison under the condition that he serve the remainder his sentence under house request. In the letter sent to Judge Engelmeyer, Lazarro also noted that 6ix9ine has been experiencing shortness breath—one the primary symptoms coronavirus—and that the prison facility’s doctor had recommended he be treated at a hospital, only for the warden to deny him that freedom.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Request For Early Release Amid Coronavirus DeniedBennett Raglin/Getty s for Power 105.1

Despite Lazarro’s efforts, though, Judge Engelmeyer has denied the request. According to legal documents, the court actually lacks the legal authority to grant the request in the first place. However, while Judge Engelmeyer may not be able to do 6ix9ine any favours, he suggested that Lazarro instead file the request with the Bureau Prisons. Engelmeyer insisted that, at the time sentencing, he would have directed that  had he known back then that a global pandemic would ensue to which 6ix9ine’s medical conditions would make him particularly vulnerable. According to TMZ, Lazarro believes that Judge Engelmeyer’s sympathetic response “is a strong recommendation to the Bureau Prisons to release him immediately,” and thus plans to file the request with the BOP promptly. We’ll keep you updated on the BOP’s decision.