Tems Drops Highly-Anticipated Debut Album, Born in the Wild

Tems Drops Highly-Anticipated Debut Album, Born in the Wild

Following a long string of success with chart-topping singles, Tems’ debut album has finally dropped and does not disappoint.

Born in the Wild, which dropped June 7, showcases the artist’s lyrical genius as well as her versatility and range from the hypnotic opening track “Born in the Wild” to the dance-track beat-heavy sound of “Forever” to her own spin on hip-hop on “T-Unit.”

The artist’s eclectic musical influences are evident throughout the 18-song album, which includes previously released track “Love Me Jeje” and include R&B, African beats and rhythms, soul, hip-hop, and poetry “Burning” is reminiscent of old-school R&B sounds, but with a distinct switch up of pace that keeps the listener engaged while simultaneously being hypnotized by Tems’ voice, which is overlaid to sound almost like a duet on the track.


The Nigerian singer’s African influence is evidence with the subtle Afrobeats sound that’s infused with a classic R&B sound in the musical tracks as well as the spoken interludes.  Tems’ musical ability never overshadows her talent for lyricism with her poetic capabilities shining through exceptionally well on “Ready.”

Guest artists include Asake (in the Reggae-esque “Get it Right”) and J. Cole (on “Free Fall”), demonstrating her ability to weave seamlessly between genres all on the same album.

As for the name and symbolism behind the debut album, Tems stated: “Born In The Wild is a story of transformation, from a cocoon to a butterfly,” continuing to explain that the album “speaks on surviving mental wilderness and coming to a place where one can thrive. It’s about finally accepting oneself and embodying the woman I was born to be. It shows the different dimensions of who I am, from a cub to a lioness.”

The album release coincides with Tems’ upcoming BORN IN THE WILD WORLD TOUR, which starts on June 12 in London and will continue throughout Europe and North America before heading to Africa and finally concluding in Australia on November 15. Tour information can be found at https://www.leadingvibe.com/