Coronavirus put a few things on hold (tours, festivals, etc.) but wasn’t f After Hours. According to TMZ, executives were urging him to delay the release  After Hours in wake the Coronavirus pandemic. Executives feared that a lack promotion from television appearances and more would hinder the album’s success as Hollywood began to close down.

The Weeknd Dropped "After Hours" Despite Label Urging Against It
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The Weeknd had announced the release date for the album before the Coronavirus really struck North America. But even then, albums like Lady Gaga’s Chromatica was forced to be pushed back because the pandemic. Despite this, the Toronto singer made it clear that he wanted to release the album for his fans and for the world, especially at a time when the world is filled with darkness. He put his faith in the fans and the anticipation surrounding his ficial follow-up to Starboy.

I mean, it hasn’t failed him thus far considering it’s on its way to the top the Billboard 200. On top that, it’s already surpassed 1B streams with 100M those streams . After Hours is more than likely to set a . Stay tuned for your updates on the Billboard 200 charts for this week.