Given that mystique plays such a pivotal role in ‘s image, it’s no surprise to see that he parties in a similar fashion. While your favorite artists were busy engaging in various shindigs to close out a decade for the books, the Toronto megastar was busy hosting a bash worthy a velvet-clad Dandy. TMZ, who found themselves scoring that sweet inside access, shared a few pictures from the extravagant and notably private XO Party. Staging the event in an upscale Beverly Hills mansion, Weekend turned the place into a veritable house balloons, lining every crevice with gold and white ones.

With the mansion itself costing a grand total $80 million, it’s no surprise that the architecture was on point. It’s unclear whether such details fascinated some the marquee guests, including and , who appears to have deemed his “bedrest” prognosis as one the birds. Apparently, Weeknd opted for a more casual menu, serving up snacks like french fries, churros, and a main course tacos.

In case you were actually wondering, Travis Scott appeared to be flying solo, preferring to play wingman to his “Dudley Bro” Abel. TMZ also hooked up a video the countdown, which appears to be a lively one indeed. Check it out for yourself below, and should you be interested in seeing any the pictures from within, be sure to swing over here. Happy New Year!