Tom and Rita Hanks are still isolated in Australia after testing positive for COVID-19. While under quarantine, the couple has routinely provided fans and those back home with updates on their health, and most recently the Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood star uploaded another update. This time around he opted to feature a shot toast with Australia’s famed vegemite

“Thanks to the Helpers,” he penned in the caption. “Let’s take care ourselves and each other. Hanx.”

Australian fans, however, were more concerned with the amount Vegemite that Hanks used on his toast. Apparently, it was way more than is morally allowed and the breakdown Vegemite-to-butter ratios began to pour in.

It was late last week that Hanks revealed that he and his wife were both being treated after testing positive for the novel strain that has currently caused a pandemic with cases rising rapidly across the globe. Efforts in mitigating the spread infection have included the canceling the remainder the season for all major sports leagues while countries such as Italy and Spain have issued complete lockdowns to facilitate social distancing.

In the United States, major cities such as New York City and Atlanta have declared a state  emergency while shutting down school systems and placing limitations on gatherings.