Congratulations to , who is set to complete the terms his record deal with Interscope once his new album releases next week.

The rapper revealed that, with the release The New Toronto 3, he will ficially be out his deal and is considering himself a “free agent.” The announcement was made a reminder that his new single “Do The Most” is ficially out in video form.

“Last album with the label and ima FREE AGENT,” wrote the Toronto native on Instagram, celebrating the end his deal.

Tory Lanez Out Of His Deal After New Album Release
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Tory Lanez’s upcoming departure from Interscope Records is not entirely surprising, given the fact that he  this winter after they were . 

With the news that Tory Lanez is set to become a label free agent, what do you think his best move is? Should he attempt to continue as an independent artist, sign to another rapper (like ?) or move onto another major label? Alternatively, he may choose to extend his deal with Interscope. 

Who is looking forward to hearing some new music from Lanez next week? The New Toronto 3 is out on April 10 on all streaming platforms.