It’s said that every living person has a Doppelgänger roaming about. recently found “‘s little brother” .  a living enaction the pointing Spider-Man meme. . The list goes on, and there are always laughs to be had when the Dopples come into play. Ask , who found himself stumbling into the lair ‘s very own twin during an otherwise routine trip to the valet.

Tory Lanez Stumbles Into Nav's Doppelgänger's Lair & Trolls Accordingly

Manny Carabel/Getty s

“I didn’t know Nav worked in my valet, this is crazy,” marvels Tory, while the valet employee in question smiles. In truth, the resemblance is debatable to be sure, but the signature bowl-cut is enough for Lanez to commit to the gag. Curiously, his instinctual response was to break into song, belting out choice Nav lyrics while documenting the encounter for his IG followers. It’s unclear whether the man in question was honored by the comparison — either way, Tory was not to be silenced. 

On the same voyage back home, the Canadian rapper also came face to face with a Young M.A. Doppelgänger (letting out a passionate “OUUUUU” for emphasis), whom he affectionately dubbed “Young Young M.A.” You can check that encounter out Tory’s IG story, while it’s still up. Shout out to everyone bearing a resemblance to a famous person — a unique burden to bear, but a burden all the same.