Track of the Week: Peter $un’s “PERFECT TIMING”

Track of the Week: Peter $un’s “PERFECT TIMING”


Peter $un is here to declare his place in the rap game. Hailing from Richmond but now based in Los Angeles, the rapper, vocalist, and producer creates from a real and vulnerable place, showcasing his talents on the microphone as he spits over jazz-style instrumentation. With each release, he wears his heart on his sleeve… and now, he can’t wait to gift fans his new body of work.

Clocking in at three tracks, 3PIECE is the perfect soundtrack for this summer, inspired directly by one of his favorite anime shows One Piece. The focus track “PERFECT TIMING” highlights Peter $un’s talents as an MC, while detailing his come up.

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Speaking on the inspiration, Peter $un states, “The single was inspired by the moment I feel like I’m going through in life right now. I’ve always expected things to come together at a certain time for me, but this is about understanding we’re on the time of the source and the universe, and everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed to.”


The visualizer to “PERFECT TIMING” is reminiscent of Mad Max and Apocalyptic Pirate type vibes, as well as his love for the One Piece anime. Everything ties into the next chapter of what Sunny wants to do moving forward.

As far as what he wants fans to take away, Sunny states, “I want people to have fun and dance for real. There’s been a lot going on lately and I just want everybody to roll one, enjoy life, and understand with everything happening, we’re right where we need to be.”

Stream 3PIECE here.