After over three months speculation, TMZ reports that and Kylie Jenner are ficially back together again. The signs that the couple was going to reconcile soon were in the air since Thanksgiving. Travis and Kylie spent Turkey Day together, and then a month later they were spotted celebrating Christmas together as well. The online rumors intensified even further after the couple went to Disney together and reunited for their child Stormi’s second birthday. When Trav sent Kylie flowers on Valentine’s Day, and the latter hopped on Instagram to share a “mood” post, fans knew the two would be back together in no time. 

Sources tell TMZ that Travis and Kylie have been back together for weeks, although they have not put an ficial title on things yet. Still, they are allegedly exclusive, sleep under the same ro, and raise their child together. The source told the media site that the breakup benefitted both partners since their relationship got very serious very fast. Kylie got pregnant with Stormi not long after she and Trav first started dating. They both needed some space, and the move appears to have brought the couple back together stronger than before.