is essentially the modern day king merch. Any project he shares – whether it be a single, an album or a Netflix documentary – is accompanied by a collection thematically-related products. ASTROWORLD was promoted by seven days different merch drops and , is being given a similar treatment. 

 with JACKBOYS hoodies, t-shirts, hats, posters, bumper stickers, keychains, air fresheners, ashtrays, racing helmets, bandanas and beanies. Unsurprisingly, those products sold out faster than you can shout “LA FLAME” and have since been removed from the site. However, if you head over there, you can still enter an auction and a contest to win the most exclusive JACKBOYS items out the whole lot. 

The contest is for a collaboration between Cactus Jack Records and Hot Wheels. The toy company produced a hand-painted miniature model the BMW M3 E30 that features on the cover art the JACKBOYS EP. The toy car is housed in a custom acrylic casing with the emblazoned age recommendation edited to read “FOR RAGERS OVER 3 YEARS.” It was originally being sold for $2,500, but if you weren’t fast enough to grab one, you can still enter a giveaway to win one three. 
If the Hot Wheels version the JACKBOYS whip doesn’t interest you, you could also enrol in an auction for the car itself. And course, for those interested in the actual music, the JACKBOYS project is available on vinyl, cassette and CD in the webstore.