Trippie Redd and have an interesting history — lest we forget the latter was previously featured on A Love Letter To You 4, only to have his fan-favorite verse  for reasons unknown. At the time, Trippie opted to leave the removal open to interpretation, . Unfortunately, many surmised that he felt threatened by the positive response and decided to reposition the spotlight, thereby sparking an unflattering narrative in the process.

Trippie Redd Gets Roasted For Seemingly "Biting" Playboi Carti

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Suffice it to say, Carti and Redd are now connected, albeit tenuously, by the dubious backstory. Therefore, when Trippie previewed his new song “Hello Kitty” on Instagram Live, fans were quick to draw comparisons to the elusive Die Lit auteur. Citing the digitally-distorted instrumental as one exhibit and the squeaky-pitched helium vocals as another, “Hello Kitty” quickly caused Playboi Carti fans to mobilize across the timeline. Especially after Redd took to Instagram comments to confirm that the vocals were indeed him

Before long, Trippie was finding his new exercise in stylistic experimentation placed directly beneath the magnifying glass. A rather unfortunate development, as the track actually sounds rather promising — despite its sonic similarities to Carti’s signature aesthetic. Considering that the verse removal still looms overhead, the perceived “biting” might resonate all the stronger. That’s not to throw a hat in this particular race; Redd has proven himself to be a versatile artist capable many different styles. Yet this one did elicit a passionate response from Carti’s base, with some their ire embedded below for your viewing pleasure.