The Safdie Brother’s newest film, Uncut Gems, features the seventh most uses the word “fuck” in film history.

As noticed by Business Insider’s Mark Abadi, Uncut Gems has 408 uses the word, landing it at seventh on the all-time list. Noteworthy movies above it include CasinoThe Wolf Wallstreet, a documentary about the word “fuck” itself, among others.

Last week, the film set a record for A24 produced films, earning $18.8 million domestically in the five days since its Christmas day open. This is the highest earning five day stretch for an A24 film to date. Midsommar counted up $11 million over the same time, earlier this year. Other hits for the company include MoonlightRoomEx Machina and more.

Uncut Gems stars Adam Sandler as a jeweler in New York City who routinely gamblers in high stakes situations. Ty Burr  The Boston Globe describes Sandler’s performance writing, “Sandler inhabits this character fully and without vanity, working Howard’s ready smile and desperate eyes and needling, never-ending sales pitch into a devastating portrait a lesser shark, the kind who’s always late for the kill.”

The film also stars Kevin Garnett and as themselves.

Uncut Gems is in theaters nationwide now.