Unveiling Hype K-pop Creative Genius: Highlights from 2023 (So Far)

Unveiling Hype K-pop Creative Genius: Highlights from 2023 (So Far)

As 2023 unfolds, the K-pop industry unveils creative genius’ catching the global fan’s eyes everywhere. Witness the highlights of the genius’ we think best caught the eye  this year so far.  

1. “D-DAY” – Agust D / SUGA of BTS

Title Track ‘Haegeum’ MV: Agust D ‘해금’ Official MV


Arguably one of the most surprising solo comebacks of the year, SUGA, also known as Agust D, released this song ‘Haegeum’. Not only was the song over-the-top but the music video was what made the fans crazy. The movie-like music video definitely showed that Agust D is not just an idol but an Artist himself. This new concept completely suited Agust D so well, showing he is definitely a genius.

2. “Umbrella” – Leechanhyukvideo (Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU)

Umbrella Full Album: [Full Album] 이찬혁비디오 (leechanhyukvideo) – 우산 (Umbrella) 전곡듣기

AKMU, Lee Chanhyuk, under the moniker Leechanhyukvideo, took a bold step into solo territory with the release of “Umbrella.” This 45 minute music video was collaborated with Kpop celebrities in all aspects of genres. From comedians, idols to actresses this release was just more than music, it had artistic visuals and the warm feeling was perfect for this summer vibe. Lee Chanhyuk has been gaining popularity for his artistic aspects recently and with “Umbrella”’s release, it truly proved to the audience that he has much more to share in the future.

3. “INVITATION” (feat. GAEKO of dynamicduo) – JUNNY

Title track ‘INVITATION (feat. GAEKO of dynamicduo)’ MV: [MV] JUNNY _ INVITATION (Feat. Gaeko(개코))

JUNNY is a current hot-trending artist in Kpop who recently released “INVITATION (feat. GAEKO of dynamicduo)”. JUNNY is also a songwriter and self-produced “INVITATION” which showed enough artistic side leading GAEKO of dynamicduo (one of the legendary rappers in Korea) to feature. Having one of the legendary rappers to feature, this talented young artist is now just starting to show what he can bring to the industry. 


Title track ‘CHRISTIAN’ MV: Zior Park – CHRISTIAN [Music Video]

Zior Park made a grand entrance onto the K-pop scene with his viral song, “CHRISTIAN.” The song combined sounds of rock & pop and with the combination of his distinctive vocal sound, definitely marked Zior Park’s name in the audience’s mind. Zior is also known to participate in his music video production, expanding his artistic versatility even more. “CHRISTIAN” music video was so uniquely made that it went viral in SNS fields helping Zior’s name spread around globally.

5. “NOWITZKI” – Beenzino

Title track ‘Travel Again (Feat. Cautious Clay)’ Audio Link: Travel Again (Feat. Cautious Clay)

Beenzino’s “NOWITZKI” showed how the rapper shows respect to his idols. The album is to respect Dirk Nowitzki, the legendary basketball player, aweing his greatness on the court and Beenzino’s own skill in the music industry. The cover was used from the young days of his wife, Stephanie Michova (Model), attracting more attention to the album.  Beenzino obviously knows how to use viral attention to attract Kpop fans. 

One of the genius aspects of Kpop is how to use viral formats to show their creativity to the world. With tons of genius artists around the industry, it’s important how to show it off. Using music videos to brand new sides of their image or to use SNS virals to capture new fans. As the year goes by, it’s exciting to see what other creative ‘geniuses’ are to come in the future.