There plenty businesses that have been suffering because the COVID-19 quarantine, and Waffle House may be near the top the list. The eatery is a love-it-or-hate-it favorite and ficials announced on Wednesday (March 25) that over 400 restaurants would be shutting down.

Waffle House Closes Over 400 Locations Due To COVID-19 Quarantine
Mark Wallheiser / Stringer / Getty s

Weeks ago, it was reported that a Waffle House employee tested positive for COVID-19. “We are trying really hard to provide hours and jobs for people, but when there are] no customers,,” Waffle House President and CEO Walt Ehmer said. He added that they’ve made and implemented changes since finding out about the infected employee’s diagnosis, as well.

As thousands employees attempt to figure out their next financial moves, the internet had a meltdown about Waffle House closing up shop by the hundreds. Check out a few reactions below.