WATCH: Common and Pete Rock Release New Single and Video “Wise Up”

WATCH: Common and Pete Rock Release New Single and Video “Wise Up”

After much speculation, Common and Pete Rock have finally released their new single, “Wise Up.” The track blends the essence of the Golden Age of Hip Hop with a contemporary feel, creating a sound that resonates across all eras of hip-hop.

This collaboration brings together one of hip-hop’s most evocative emcees, Common, with one of its most celebrated producers, Pete Rock, setting a tone for what could be their most impactful work in decades.

To launch “Wise Up,” Common and Pete Rock partnered with director Marleaux Desiré to create an inspiring and creative visual presentation. The video captures street-level community stories, visually representing the themes explored in the song. It includes visual ideations from ILLIMITÉWORLD and still photography by creative director Alonzo Hellerbach.


“Wise Up” marks a significant moment in hip-hop, showcasing the perfect pairing of Common’s lyrical depth and Pete Rock’s legendary production skills. The single pays homage to their roots in the Golden Age and demonstrates their ability to evolve with the times, offering a universal appeal that transcends generations.

This release is highly anticipated by fans and critics alike, as it signals the potential for more potent collaborations between these two iconic artists. With “Wise Up,” Common and Pete Rock reaffirm their status as influential figures in hip-hop, continuing to shape the genre with their innovative and thought-provoking work.