Watch New Exclusive Clip From Wendy Williams’ Upcoming Biopic

Watch New Exclusive Clip From Wendy Williams’ Upcoming Biopic

Wendy Williams is one of the latest icons to receive the biopic treatment and fans are eagerly waiting.

Weeks ahead of the release of Wendy Williams: The Movie, Lifetime released an exclusive clip and it looks juicy.

Fans get a glimpse of Ciera Peyton’s portrayal of the radio turned TV host. The scene below follows Williams’s early career on radio as she filled in for another radio host. She says in the clip, “I got more of today’s hits coming up for you, but first…New York, let’s dish some dirt!”


The clip shows Williams spilling the tea about Milli Vanilli lip-syncing, and that “their real names are Pilatus and Morvan.”

When Tony Grey, portrayed by Donny Lucas, confronted her Wendy Williams quipped, “Listeners want to know this kind of stuff, I mean they have a right to know!”

The rest was history. “It’s revolutionary. Wendy, we’re going to find you a permanent spot here…welcome to KISS FM,” Grey said offering her a position.

The biopic is slated to release later this month and Wendy Williams is on board as a producer. According to the official synopsis, the movie “…provides a revealing look at Wendy’s journey, from her scrappy upstart days in urban radio to the success of her own syndicated talk show. Despite all the naysayers and obstacles Wendy encountered throughout her life, her strength and determination have allowed her to thrive.”

Wendy Williams: The Movie will be accompanied by the official documentary film, The Wendy Williams Story…What a Mess! at 10:00 PM. The documentary will air immediately after and reportedly features “a raw and emotional” interview with the iconic host herself.