WATCH: Sexyy Red and Sukihana Unite For New “Hood Rats” Video

WATCH: Sexyy Red and Sukihana Unite For New “Hood Rats” Video


Sexyy Red and Sukihana are breaking boundaries and turning heads with their latest video single, “Hood Rats,” inviting you to embrace a little ‘hoodrat sh*t’ with your crew.

This audacious and raunchy anthem showcases Sexyy and Suki spitting outrageously quotable lyrics, passionately explaining why the allure of hoodrats is universal. Directed by Des Gray, the video takes an unexpected turn, transporting the duo to a golf course at a posh country club. Amidst the refined atmosphere, they unapologetically twerk, challenging societal norms while sharing tea and crumpets with two bemused club members.

Joining the outrageous fun are friends and collaborators Webbie, Saucy Santana, Summer Walker, and Funny Marco, resulting in an unforgettable twerk fest that takes center stage.


“Hood Rats” stands as Sexyy’s first single since her Hood Hottest Princess mixtape, serving as a bold proclamation of unfiltered self-expression and unapologetic enjoyment.

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