Wendy Williams Suggest Reginae Carter Distance Herself From YFN Lucci Following Arrest

Wendy Williams Suggest Reginae Carter Distance Herself From YFN Lucci Following Arrest

Media mogul, Wendy Williams has been giving advice and dropping her two cents in celebrity drama for decades. This time, Wendy is giving her advice to Reginae Carter, daughter of Lil Wayne once the news broke that her boyfriend YFN Lucci is wanted by Atlanta police on murder charges.

The “Documentary” rapper has turned himself into authorities for being wanted for murder, firearm, and gang charges. In a leaked 911 audio call, you can hear a woman claim that a man was shot in the head and pushed out of a vehicle. If Lucci is convicted of these crimes he will be facing a lot of time in prison.

Like most, many are looking to see what Reginae plans to do with the rapper as he faces serious charges. Wendy Williams is amongst the group of people who suggest that Reginae should distance herself from the rapper. “Hopefully, you’re not going to get back with him. First of all, it’s wrong because he has four kids, and I know your dad did a song with him, so what. Your dad is in trouble himself, I know you know,” Wendy stated on her talk show.


Wendy then chimed in on Reginae giving relationship advice to her followers on Twitter. “We all around here, including the men here, we’re like, ‘who is she to tell us how to conduct ourselves?’ She’s only 21-years-old, like, we don’t want to hear advice from a 21-year-old privileged– and you are privileged, you know that– beautiful, enhanced… The whole world is yours,” Wendy said.

“Who are you to tell us about relationships? ‘I’m going through a divorce, I’m gonna call Reginae’,” Wendy stated sarcastically.

Reginae has yet to break her silence on the controversy surrounding her rap star boyfriend… at least there won’t be any women with cucumbers in prison.