Wiz Khalifa Kicks Off 2021 With “Ain’t Sh!t Free” Featuring Young Deji

Wiz Khalifa Kicks Off 2021 With “Ain’t Sh!t Free” Featuring Young Deji

We’re not even fully into February and Wiz Khalifa is setting the tone for the year. As soon as the month officially started, Wiz Khalifa came through with a statement on #FUCC2020. A title that truly reflected the sentiments of the general public in America and globally following the pandemic circus that was 2020. 

It’s apparent the Pittsburgh native clearly has tons more music in the cut that he’s readying to release in the near future. And judging by previews he’s released, we can expect some real bangers. 

Khalifa is back with a reminder for anyone asking for handouts. The rapper teamed up with Deji for his latest single, “Ain’t Shit Free” which was released alongside an in-studio performance visual.


The content is personal and dope. All the way down to the videos that accompany the songs, which show all of the involved parties enjoying studio sessions with plenty of weed and McQueen and the Violet Fog, Khalifas personal gin brand.

In the song, Wiz raps: 

I got the sauce like spaghetti
Too much of a boss to be petty
You horny? Just call when you ready
This the wave like a jetski
I could tell that she ain’t hung around real n***as ’til she met me

Check Out The Full Song Below