In the latest string WTF-worthy antics from , the producer has just shared Mike WiLL Made-It’s phone number with the world.

The Chicago-based producer has been acting a fool online for weeks, commencing  and requesting all the smoke with people like Jay-Z, , , , and others. While the latter two remain his most ferocious targets so far, it appears as though a new name has made its way onto Chop’s radar.

It’s unclear what Mike WiLL Made-It did to piss f Young Chop — aside from not sending his address over in a timely manner — but whatever the man did, he is now forced to change his phone number.

Young Chop Leaks Mike WiLL Made-It's Phone Number
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“N***as be hoes still didn’t send the address u pussy that’s his real number to y’all hit his line y’all #getfmydick,” wrote Young Chop on Instagram, calling out his fellow producer.

The post contains a series direct messages between the two beatmakers. The first was sent by Mike Will last year, asking Chop to link up in the studio to get some work handled. The Chicago personality responded nearly an entire year later, asking for his phone number, to which Mike complied. Chop then asked for an address last month and got no reply.

Young Chop has been promoting his new project and it’s possible that his social media antics are a ploy to get more marketing for the body work. Do you think he’s losing it though?