Young Global & Lo Tickets Run It Up In “Workout” Video

Young Global & Lo Tickets Run It Up In “Workout” Video

Young Global and Lo Tickets may have just proved that they are one of the best new trap-rap duos with their fast-paced money-flipping banger “Workout.”

The official video for “Workout” gives a brief glimpse of both rappers in the midst of their state-to-state campaign. Both Young Global and Lo Tickets blaze this track with witty husltler’s euphemisms.

Young Global handles the heavy-lifting on the hookwork, as he raps, “I’mma bust the pack down, we gone even sell the shake/All these pounds that I’m pushing you think I’m lifting weights.”

Young Global has been on the rise since 2018 and plans to apply major pressure via nonstop releases to end the year off . His recent effort with Atlanta-rap veteran Dee Goodz on “A1” back in January is surely evidence of his eminent takover.

Watch the full video for Young Global and Lo Tickets’ “Workout” below and be sure to keep up with the rappers for new releases via their Instagram.